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Make your own high-phashion statement today!

Parrot Feather Earrings

For veteran Parrot Heads like myself, the planning and preparation for a Jimmy Buffett concert is serious business :-b

While party store luau supplies may suffice for some, proPhessional Phans strive to accessorize with a bit more panache'.

Jazz up your concert wear with beautifully crafted Parrot Feather Jewelry created by and forParrot Heads!parrot feather earrings blue feather jewelry buffett concert wear

It's flashy and fun!

No two pair of parrot feather earrings is ever alike.

Welcome to Mac Parrot Head Corner!

Jimmy Buffett (jim-e buf-it) n -

accomplished musician, prolific songwriter, best-selling author, husband, father, Patriarch of Parrot Heads. Buffett has been likened to a modern-day troubador. His trademark "Trop-rock" musical style and insightfully delightful song lyrics are a Calypsonian-like offering of rythm and ryhme. Witty, yet sublimely profound, Jimmy Buffett's unique brand of music seems to evoke a primordial "call-of-the-wild" that resounds with such an array that his fan base, a.k.a. Parrot Heads, is made up of everyone from corporate CEOs to college students, preachers to politicians. Rumor has it there might even be an African chieftan or two in the mix.

Parrot Head  (par' ut  hed) n -

a highly-motivated Jimmy Buffett fan, one who answers the Call of Bubba.

The word "parrothead" or "parrot head" was coined by guest Coral Reefer, Timothy B Schmidt, (of Eagles' fame) a number of years ago as he noticed the huge sea of Cincinnati fans decked out in colorful Hawaiian-print shirts, beachwear and other fruited and feathered finery. Schmidt remarked to Buffett that from the stage, "they look[ed] like Dead Heads in suits ...or 'parrot heads'!" A bemused Jimmy passed this observation on to the crowd, inadvertently christening them and fans, forevermore, Parrotheads. A more befitting title for this gregarious and devoted group of fans would surely be hard to come by!!




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