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Common Issues that Arise with Car Radiators

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Problems with car radiators are quite common among owners of cars. They should be among the main concerns which new drivers keep checking. The cooling system of a car gets exposed to intense heat and pressure. It is thus normal for parts of or the entire radiator to break down at some point. Helpful information is available at for vehicle-owners seeking repair services for radiators. Several problems can arise with radiators.


The engine of a car requires the cooling system to enable it keep functioning well. There may be an issue with the radiator hose if you find this part of your vehicle hotter than normal. The radiator hose connects radiator to coolant system and it may wear down following prolonged usage. This has potential of occasioning leakage of coolant and ultimate failure of the radiator hose. One way of preventing this occurrence is ensuring the hose gets replaced on periodic basis. It can however be patched if showing signs of deterioration. That said it is better replacing the old hose with new one to avoid experiencing further problems in future.

Leaks occur on the radiator itself too, apart from affecting the radiator hose. As such, it helps checking the fittings, tubes and headers for possible signs of leakage. Such leakage would affect the radiator itself and pose a challenge with how the engine of your car functions. It is thus important for the seams to get checked and have a professional repair it for you. Taking this step minimizes the possibility of damage happening to it.

Water Pump Damage

The water pump is yet another area which someone should inspect. It is vital for pumps to be checked just to ensure they are not damaged. The pump plays a key role in regulating car-system temperature, which keeps the engine cool at all times. Water stops circulating around the engine any time the pump gets damaged that results in its overheating. Experts recommend for owners of vehicles to have their pumps replaced after clocking roughly 100,000 miles on the road. They can find solutions if necessary by visiting

Broken Fan  

The case of a broken radiator fan is yet another situation that car-owners need to check. The fan cools the radiator, which happens as it pulls air through, most of all during traffic as well as low-speed drive. Certain owners of cars do not realize when fans break down and stand serious risk of having their vehicles overheat. Drivers can however notice a fast climb on the temperature gauge to the red zone as confirmation of such instance. A tinkling or pinging noise can also be heard at such times. Remember checking your car-engine for this possibility and cool it down if it is happening as a precaution against accidental burns.

The above are just certain of the common issues which one can experience with radiators. Knowing about them in advance can help to forestall disasters for owners of cars and support can also be obtained by visiting the website.

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