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Horizontal Drilling is an Accurate Drilling Process that Saves Cost

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The report of the committee of the International Energy agency mentions that most of the European countries have witnessed about 15% increase in the demand for crude oil. The report further says that the traditional method of hydraulic drilling was quite unreliable. Further, it was also noticed that hydraulic drilling is a slow drilling process. It is for this reason most of the countries across the globe have now resorted to directional drilling technique.

Multifarious applications:

As the very name suggests, this is a kind of drilling wherein you direct the drilling bit to move in a particular direction. This kind of drilling is used for drilling in horizontal or non-vertical wells. The directional drilling is exclusively used by petrochemical industries. It is also exclusively used for drilling through or into the reservoirs. This is because it would be almost impossible to employ vertical drilling in the reservoirs. In such cases, directional or horizontal drilling process would be an ideal option.   Further, this type of drilling is very much useful for grouping or connecting more wellheads. Such method is very much in vogue in petrochemical industries as also for connecting different wells along the course of the reservoir.

Saves money:

Further, modern Directional Drilling technique has undergone tremendous changes. This type of drilling is now adopted for laying water, gas and sanitary pipes. As a matter of fact, in many of the countries the directional or horizontal drilling technique is adopted to lay pipes for transporting gasoline and diesel. Naturally, this technique has helped in saving a considerable amount of money on the transportation cost.

Other applications:

Laying water, sanitary and gas pipes can be a challenging task in cities and towns. In order to lay these pipes, trenches will have to be dug, which can cause atmospheric pollution. The trenches can also cause inconvenience to the general public. Further, laying pipes would be a challenging task in places with hostile or uneven terrain.  In order to minimize such inconveniences, now the Chain Trenching Melbourne professionals employ is widely adopted. The exclusively designed chain trencher machines are employed to cut or excavate the earth to the exact width and depth. The excavated earth is deposited along the course of the trench. Because of accurate trenching procedure, back filling of the trench would be quite convenient.

Micro trencher machine:

In order to minimize damage to the road, Melbourne chain trenching firms have introduced a sophisticated machine called as micro trencher. This trencher is nothing but an extended version of directional or horizontal drilling technique. This kind of trencher is used for laying small pipes or electric or telecommunication cables. This trencher cuts through the earth at the predetermined depth and without disturbing the surface of the road. This trencher machine apart from drilling simultaneously lays pipes or cables.

Eco friendly and cost effective:

The horizontal drilling machine moves on the predetermined path. The drill bit of modern horizontal drilling machines is provided with a camera. This helps you to identify objects like existing pipelines or cables that may come along the course of drilling path. This helps you to change the course of drilling path so that the existing utilities are not damaged.  On the top of these, this kind of drilling is eco friendly, reliable and cost effective.

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