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Pool Fencing Regulations in the Gold Coast

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Australia has very stringent pool regulations. The main reason for this is that drowning is still the leading cause of preventable deaths for kids aged below 5. This is the number one reason why the local governments, state governments, and federal governments enforce very stricter controls when it comes to pool safety. The best way to ensure pool safety is through the installation of pool fencing Gold Coast has today. While there are common general regulations on pool fencing installations in Australia, there are certain aspects of these regulations which can differ from state to state. Gold Coast is based in Queensland and the pool fencing regulations are, therefore, subject to Queensland regulations.

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Safety Standards for New Pools

In Queensland, if you have a swimming pool, it has to be registered with the state’s pool safety register in order to avoid fines.  You will include information such as any safety certificates that you have been issued with.

If there is a home that is being sold or rented, then this must have a pool safety certificate. This will prove that the pool fencing Gold Coast imposed has met all the requisite safety standards and that the pool is safe to use. These certificates are given  by the pool safety inspectors from Top Shelf Glass Pool Fencing and once issued, will be valid for a duration of 2 years for pools which are non-shared.

The Safety Standards

The swimming pool safety standards will apply to any pool, whether indoor or outdoor, that is, at least, 300mm deep when it is filled with water and with at least 2000 litres of water or which has a filtration system installed in it. It covers a vast category of swimming pools including spas and portable pools.

Pool Fencing

The pool fencing Gold Coast has today must be approved. Additionally, the pool fencing must also be in compliance with the safety standards in the state before you fill it with water. In case there are some parts of the home that give the homeowner a direct access to the swimming pool, which is attached to the swimming pool, a new section of fencing must be installed in order to ensure there is no direct access.

If you have constructed indoor pools, make sure they have been installed with child safety doors. There are also various standard regulations which must apply for your swimming pools. Your pool must have been certified to be in excellent condition. It must adhere to the minimum clearances between the ground and the palings and the pool fencing must also adhere to the minimum height requirement which is usually 1.2m. The pool gate must open outwards and it should be able to close automatically.

Construction of New Swimming Pools

When constructing new swimming pools in Queensland, you will need to have development approvals. During the construction process, you will need to install temporary pool fencing for at least three months. After the period has elapsed, you can proceed and install permanent pool fencing on your premise. Before new pools are filled with water, they must be certified as compliant.


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