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Trends in Office Fitouts in Sydney

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When it comes to modern office fitouts in Australia, there is a strong trend towards the embrace of something bolder. Many business owners are willing to embrace greater innovation, more colour as well as greater collaboration in the office environment. There is a trend towards the bold when it comes to modern office fitouts Sydney has.

The modern workspace is no longer about the lone worker toiling in solitude inside a cubicle. The traditional enclosed spaces are being replaced with a more open design. There is a strong trend towards eliminating all barriers when it comes to office fitouts in Sydney. For example, there are lower walls separating the desks in the offices.

Here is a look at some of the main trends when it comes to Sydney office fitouts:

Flexible Office Spaces

Multiple research has shown that employees are more productive when they are working in flexible environments. In most modern workspaces, there is an embrace of spaces that will foster greater creativity, teamwork as well as collaboration. The modern office space includes several kinds of innovations. For example, there is more natural lighting, spaces which are interchangeable and modular elements.

Getting the outdoors into the office space

Another trend in modern office design is that there is the incorporation of the natural elements into the office space such as natural lighting, potted plants as well as designs which can be considered earthly. Incorporating plants and various other natural elements into the office interiors generally contributes to a positive psychological effect for those inside. These extras contribute to filtering of the air inside as well as absorbing the sounds inside the building. It also contributes to a green theme in the building.

More social spaces

It is not just Google and Facebook office spaces which have relaxation areas, bars and pool tables. More corporations, including the traditional conservative corporations are increasingly incorporating social spaces in their premises. Companies that are getting more social are incorporating installations such as communal eating areas, ping-pong tables as well as breakout spaces amongst others.

Bolder Patterns

Office fitouts Sydney has are increasingly incorporating bolder designs. For example, there are more vibrant colours and bolder patterns. These can be incorporated in the furniture, wall décor and even on certain structural elements of the rooms such as the staircases, floors, lighting and columns. You can also incorporate big and bold branding in the interiors of your office spaces.

Don’t Overlook Comfort

When you design office fitouts, it is important not to forget about the comfort and health of occupants. Some of the options to consider include ergonomic chairs, height adjustable chairs, workstations and tables that allow you to get the best posture. Other innovations in office furniture that you are likely to find in modern offices include sit-to-stand workstations which can allow workers to stand and reduce health problems such as back strains.

Make the office a home away from home

In order to ensure employees work longer hours without actually forcing them to, many business owners are turning offices into a home away from home with various conveniences. The trend is towards creating a residential feel in the office space.

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